“Push the boundaries of technical possibility and organizational efficiency.”

About Henning Solutions

Henning Software Solutions is a Toronto based software development production house. We currently employ a dedicated team of Technology Analysts, Business Analysts, Marketing Specialists, and Design Artists working towards a single goal: Delivering solutions that exceed our clients expectations.

We build our reputation and strong relationships with our clients based on trust; a trust that is maintained through consistent deliverance of quality, our strong ability to understand our client’s needs, and our speed and agility with which we meet our client’s requests.

Our Expertise

HSS specializes in Logistics and Inventory management software development. We have experience and recognition in the retail and manufacturing industries. Our various software solutions are currently employed in online sales generation, inventory and contact management for hotels and manufacturers, and in quality control and work in progress flow management for industrial manufacturers.

We are able to quickly understand and pinpoint complex logistical challenges, and produce streamlined technical solutions. We are able to advise our clients on every technical aspect of their business, inform them the costs involved, amount of time required, and the persons to be involved in the process.

Leo Henning
President & CEO

Leo Henning is a graduate of Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. He has over 20 years of experience in consulting and cutting edge software development for Fortune 500 companies, as well as ground up creation of software systems for small and medium sized companies. Aside from having phenomenal coding and technical problem solving skills, Leo’s unique strength lies in his ability and speed with which he understands abstract concepts and business models. This enables him to quickly identify the client’s need, obstacles and best possible technical solutions that will remain optimal with the growth and foreseeable climate changes for the client and its industry.

Leo Henning started his professional career in a small and dynamic consulting firm, creating client information management software. His experience there had taught him the importance of flexibility, fast response time, the ability to understand and anticipate client’s current and future needs, cost efficiency and ease of integration with current systems. These have become the doctrines for Henning Software Solutions.